Candidate for Boone County Supervisor

Chet Hollingshead was raised and lives on the family farm north of Ogden, Iowa. He is the youngest of three boys that are all active in continuing the five generations of agricultural tradition in Boone County. Chet was involved in 4-H, speech, and choir at Ogden Community Schools. While in school Chet was also involved in student government starting in middle school. Serving in multiple positions, Chet concluded his high school political career as Student Body President his senior year.

After graduating in 2007, Chet attended DMACC in Boone. He completed his Bachelors of Science at Iowa State University in Ag Education, Communications Options and a minor in Journalism graduating in the spring of 2011.

Three Brother's Farms LLC, founded in 2007 by Chet and his brothers Alex and Ben Hollingshead, is a contract hog feeding business. Chet's business experiences also include internships with WHO Radio's Big Show and at the Iowa Soybean Association. Currently Chet is an on-air personality for WHO TV as their Agri-Business Reporter and sales staff for the Agribusiness Report

Chet returned to politics in 2009 as an elected member of the Ogden Community School Board. The five person board elected Chet as Board President in 2011. Serving as Board President along with his job and family business all have a common thread; service for the betterment of his constituency via education, agriculture and business in cooperation with government.

Economic Development
- Support new and beginning businesses with property tax abatement.
- Support new business's that make Boone County attractive to keeping it's young people, holding its established families, and retaining it's experienced and knowledgeable seniors.
- Work with state leaders to find more use for the Boone County Expo Grounds.

Invest in Infrastructure
- Invest in necessary infrastructure to tender business development.
- Repair and improve county roads and bridges so commerce is more efficient.
- Cooperate with cities and towns to make sure city infrastructure is working properly.

Create a Leaner County Courthouse
- Address the number of courthouse employees.
- Find new efficiencies within the court house.
- Address the possibility for employees to be cross trained with other departments.

Transparent Government
- Create efforts to make the work of government officials more transparent to the residents of Boone County.
- Utilize local media to inform the people of what is going on in Boone County.
- Create sources using new media to communicate with Boone County residents and beyond.
- Evaluate the possibility of an e-newsletter.